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NLP For Relaxation

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

NLP is, therefore, modeling excellence. It is a technique that is used by Olympic athletes to high-powered corporate CEOs who know that to win in this world, they must be the best that they can be.

By modeling excellence, you can achieve excellence. Because there are people who have been able to do something especially well, it means that by modeling their behaviors, or even your own when you do something especially well, you will begin to retrain your thoughts away from fear and failure, toward success and achievement.

“The most important thing in NLP is your mindset, that you believe that you can change. ”

NLP is sometimes seen as another form of self-hypnosis. This can certainly be true, especially when you practice self-hypnosis with the purpose of modeling excellence, which is what NLP is all about. The most important thing in NLP is your mindset, that you believe that you can change. Once you believe that you will change, then all your practice will further support that belief making it a stronger response than even fear or stress.

What does this have to do with relaxation?

Absolutely everything. You are in the midst of learning many techniques to help you with your goal of learning to relax. By being mindful about everything you do, you will have begun to notice when things begin to bother you, increasing your stress levels. By merely noticing, you can either halt the stress response or even better, bring your levels back down to a state of relaxation.

What you will learn in this article is how to use specific NLP techniques in order to model excellence as it applies to relaxation.

Here are 7 Easy Steps to Anchoring a Resourceful State of Mind:

  • Decide on the state you want to anchor. For example, being calm and relaxed.

  • Recall a memory or imagine a situation where you can experience the state. Make it very detailed and vivid, using all your senses.

  • When the experience is vivid and you’re in the desired state, connect it with a part of your body. For example, put your hand on your heart when the state is at its peak!

  • Now, break state by removing your hand and doing something else. Open your eyes, count down from 10 to break state, and distract yourself.

  • Apply the anchor by just placing your hand on your heart and check that the required state, such as calmness or peace, occurs again.

  • You may need to repeat the anchoring process a number of times to make the experience sufficiently intense.

  • Use your new anchor in the situation where you want to experience the desired state. For example, when you’re feeling stressed during your next business meeting, place your hand on your heart and make sure it creates a sufficiently robust resourced state of calmness.

NLP anchoring techniques are really a method of deep relaxation that is best learned under the guidance of a trained professional.

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